And then there’s the question of immigration. Of course, I can quite understand why the champagne socialists are worried about the plight of poor Ndjama. His village has been sacked by rebels, he has nowhere to live and nothing to eat. Of course they would want him to have a home in Britain. Fundamentally, they are good people with big hearts. But mostly they want Ndjama to come here because when he does, he’s not going to be living in their street.

Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas

High among the costs of immigration is the appearance among us of diseases that never before afflicted us and the sudden reappearance of contagious diseases that researchers and doctors had eradicated long ago. Malaria, polio, hepatitis, tuberculosis and such rarities of the Third World as dengue fever, Chagas’ Disease and leprosy are surfacing here …

Border problem

We have a problem here in Arizona that local law officials and local government and our federal officials fail to recognize — that we have a border problem out here … We’ve had raging battles down our freeways where rival drug gangs have shot it out with themselves, endangering people.

No sane country would permit birthright citizenship

If making it easy to be an illegal alien isn’t enough, how about offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant? No sane country would do that, right? Guess again. If you break our laws by entering this country without permission and give birth to a child, we reward that child with U.S. citizenship and guarantee a full access to all public and social services this society provides — and that’s a lot of services.

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