Assault weapons

On this day is history: Eugene Stoner discovered that putting a pistol grip on a small-caliber rifle made it so deadly it was suitable only for use on the battlefield. Military experts now agree that if the M1 Garand had had a pistol grip, the U.S. would have won World War II.

Modern ‘progressives’

The defining characteristic of the modern ‘progressive’ is that he has zero gratitude or appreciation for the advances and benefits of Western civilization, nor for the efforts over the years — largely by white males — to create a world that has lifted billions out of poverty.

Government backs only losers

If an idea or business has merit, under free-market capitalism someone will undertake to make it successful. The only ideas or businesses that languish are those that have no merit. Therefore, when the government backs an idea or a business, it is by definition backing a loser, for only a loser would need government backing.