[T]here is a problem with utopia. It doesn’t exist. It never has, and it never will, at least not by human standards and by human hands.

You see, utopia comes at a terrible price. It comes at the price of freedom. It comes at the price of individual choice. It comes at a price of many human lives. It comes at an unbelievably terrible and heavy price.


Why is this important to know? Because we have a political and social class that believes we can reach utopia. They believe we can have a utopian society. If only we let them run everything. If only we put them all in charge. If only we would fully and totally trust them.

They believe Ronald Reagan was wrong when he said, ‘the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’ No truer words have ever been uttered by a human being on this planet.

This was more than a warning issued by President Reagan. It was a true vision of the future — the future which is now the present.

We are now living in a day when we have a growing number of Americans that actually believe the lie that the government is here to help. In fact, too many Americans now believe that only the government can help.

The reality is that government probably caused the problems that everyday Americans face on a daily basis. The reality is that government broke many of our institutions and traditions simply because they believed they knew better. The reality is that our government today actually thinks that it has the answers to just about every single problem we have, if only we would let government take over and control our everyday life so they can fix those problems.

The reality also is that if we do that, we will be enslaved by our government. We will lose our freedom. We will lose our ability to choose. We will have the choice to live or to die. To live, you must bow down before the government elite and pledge your undying loyalty and obedience. If you don’t do so, then you choose to die.

There will be no other choice available, except one.


Fight for freedom.

Fight for your right to choose what kind of life you want.

Fight for your God-given right to exist on your terms.

Fight. Capitulate. Die.

In a utopian society, those are the only choices you have.