Like many of you I watched this past week as cities were burned to the ground, businesses were looted, and endless violence was aimed at law enforcement and innocent people that got in the mob’s way. There were tens of thousands of social media posts on Big Tech platforms calling for violence against the police, for businesses and neighborhoods to be set ablaze, and for historical monuments to be destroyed. Calls for violence were not only allowed on Big Tech platforms, these posts were given the opportunity to flourish.

This was followed by an onslaught of corporations, politicians, celebrities, media outlets, and every institution in our society not condemning the behavior of these radical domestic terrorists, but instead endorsing it and fundraising on their behalf. I opened up my email to see endless virtue signaling messages about how “cops are evil,” America is “racist,” and how this racism is “systemic.”

Ironically this unified message came directly from “the system.” If every major corporation, academic institution, media outlet, and politician is on the side of violent revolutionaries: it is not “the system” they are fighting against. Rather, these people fight and destroy on behalf of the establishment itself with its full endorsement. We are told that if we do not share in this cult-like moral depravity that we are “bigots” who need to be fired from our jobs, unpersoned from the internet, and shamed by the online mob.

Andrew Torba