Contrary to PC nonsense about America being a ‘diverse’ melting pot, America has never been a ‘nation of immigrants.’ Most Americans have always been born here. Even as late as 1990 — a quarter century into Teddy Kennedy’s scheme to remake the nation — half of the American population traced its roots to the black and white populace of 1790.

Nearly the entire white population of America from 1600 to 1970 came from a geographic area of the world about twice the size of Texas. The entire black population came from an area of West Africa about the size of Florida.

Until Teddy Kennedy struck, America was never less than 99 percent white Western European and West African black. That’s ‘biracial,’ not ‘diverse.’


Two centuries after the first Europeans settled America, the white population was 80 percent British and 98 percent Protestant. A century after that, the populace was still overwhelmingly English-speaking, British, and Protestant, but, for an exciting change, also included Germans and Scandinavians. The colorful immigrants at the turn of the nineteenth century were wildly different from the original settlers in the sense that they were white people from a different part of Western Europe.