Monopoly profits exist over the long run only when the government guarantees them, as in utilities and cable. And for concentration of market power, no robber baron can hold a candle to the U.S. government …. The hugest concentration of market power in this country does not lie with the likes of Rupert Murdoch or Bill Gates, but with government itself … No private company, no matter how huge or wealthy, could possibly have as much widespread power over the function of American markets as government does. And this power is exercised with essential unseriousness …. And unlike business attempts to make money, which necessarily involve selling something to a willing consumer, government’s market manipulations require forcing people into situations — whether paying for cars or food, paying for R&D or new technologies, or selling off a part of their company — that they would not have wanted to be in but for the government’s ham-handed threat of force … Nothing could serve the workings of the marketplace better than [government] leaving it.