War is the deathbed of empires. Look at history and see how war has debilitated and destroyed empires from Rome to Britain to the USSR. Today we have been bled dry by endless wars for peace. […]

Now is not the time for another war whether it is against the Shia states or militias or against the Sunni ISIS. Our allies seem to want us to fight both ends against the middle. A formula which will lead us to disaster: we can’t afford more war and our people will not support more war.

Let’s give peace a chance.

The crushing weight of maintaining hundreds of bases around the world which are akin to precinct houses for a world police department is draining us dry and not making us any friends.

Why should we still defend a Europe that has a GDP as large as ours? Why can’t they defend themselves? Why can’t South Korea with a GDP more than 40 times that of the North defend themselves? […]