The driving force behind lethally incompetent blue-state government is that no Democrat politician today thinks duty to their constituents is their top priority. All of them have higher concerns: global warming, diversity agenda, Party-building, and lining their own pockets.

Not enough Repubs see duty as their top concern, but at least some do, and at least most of them would SAY it’s their highest priority if asked. The GOP has a zillion problems, but at least it retains some tenuous grasp of the ideal of politicians as public servants.

That’s all completely gone from the arrogant leftist Democrat Party, and it has been for a long time. Dems don’t see America as a great and noble nation they are called to serve. At best, they think it might become a decent nation if they can wield power to beat it into shape.

This is baked deeply into the ideological foundation laid within the minds of every Democrat. They’re told all their lives that America was born in sin, the common folk are racists, private capital is exploitation, and their sacred calling is to deliver “social justice.”

Well, justice is inherently coercive — it’s why the police have guns. Almost everything in Democrat ideology is coercive, compulsive, and punitive. They view government as a vehicle for punishing unworthy citizens who deviate from their vision of fairness and equity.

Redistribution is coercive. You can tell Lefties are well aware of this because they scoff at the notion of people voluntarily funding charitable endeavors or community services. They laugh bitterly when reminded they could pay more taxes voluntarily instead of hiking tax rates.

For a Democrat, nothing is real, nothing truly counts, unless coercive government force is behind it. They believe in a wise and powerful elite imposing justice and equity on all those beneath them. They don’t make polite requests of the public, or take “no” for an answer.

And of course, as the tawdry Biden scandals remind us, Dem politicians are absolutely obsessed with money and devoted to making themselves richer. They believe they deserve riches and luxuries, because they’re the elite. They seethe at capitalists who live better than they do.

With those attitudes in mind, there’s no way a Democrat politician will ever feel like a humble servant of the deplorable public, with a sacred duty to put the needs of their racist, sexist, transphobic, greedy citizens first. You don’t feel humble before people you coerce.

Add the effects of media bias. Even the worst Dem politicians are constantly showered with puff pieces. Even the most obviously stupid and venal of them are lauded as moral and intellectual titans. They get unlimited credit for good intentions and zero accountability for failure.

The results are easy to see in every blue state and city disaster: an arrogant, corrupt elite with zero accountability and a long list of priorities that rank much, much higher than “duty to my country, state, or city and all my constituents.”

The fact that Dems are never held accountable for the disastrous outcome of their policies means they endlessly double down on failure. They view every agency under their control as a piggy bank to be looted for ideological crusades, Party-building slush funds, and personal gain.

That’s why the unfortunate constituents of ancient Dem regimes keep discovering their emergency systems don’t work, their crisis managers have no idea how to manage a crisis, and their law enforcement bureaucracies are more interested in pursuing the law-abiding than criminals.

Dems hire swarms of government employees and turn them into ideological footsoldiers. Competence and efficiency are explicitly less important than ideological conformity — that’s what all those mandatory DEI political exercises are about.

Ideological conformity automatically rules out policies and solutions that might be effective — and remember, socialists never solve problems, they “manage” them. Managerial liberalism is great at spending money and holding meetings, but not so good at dealing with a crisis.

These are problems that plague Big Government in general, and Lord knows Republicans aren’t immune, especially the ones that attempt to ingratiate themselves with the Dem power structure as controlled opposition. They naturally inherit a lot of Dem attitudes.

But at least you can find Repubs that still take their duties seriously. Not to belittle their accomplishments, but some of those red-state miracle governors are simply displaying the baseline level of competence and responsibility that was more widely expected 50 years ago.

Our whole system is deeply sick and corrupt. Dems are accountable for setting that tone because they have decades of unbroken power in the most troubled cities, they control the media, and they absolutely rule the permanent federal bureaucracy. They institutionalized arrogance.

The monstrous portrait rotting in D.C.’s attic is a study of the Democrat Party and its ideology of coercion in pursuit of “social justice.” States and cities are stacking up corpses because Dems love government, but have little interest in the responsibilities of governing.