The problems stemming from unchecked immigration are all over the news. You’ll just never be told they are problems of immigration — children living in poverty, childhood obesity, teen pregnancy, out-of-wedlock births, abysmal high school dropout rates, income inequality, ‘homegrown’ terrorists, massive Medicare frauds, Internet crime, identity theft, prison overcrowding, the vast number of uninsured used to justify Obamacare, sex trafficking, the epidemic of child rape, the destruction of our national parks, drunk driving casualties, drug-resistant tuberculosis, measles and other viral outbreaks, bankrupt government pensions, lower reading and math scores, and shorter ‘Americans.’


There’s no sense arguing about any other political issue. If we lose immigration, we lose everything.

As Reagan’s amnesty proves, it’s pointless to talk about what to do with the illegal aliens already here until we’ve secured the border. When the bathtub is overflowing, the very first thing you do is: TURN OFF THE WATER. You don’t debate whether to use a rag or a mop to clean up the water, whether to get a bucket or put a hose out the window, whether to use towels or sponges. The No. 1 priority is: Shut off the water.

Obviously, any amnesty functions as a magnet for more illegal aliens. Nothing shows the bad faith of amnesty advocates with more blinding clarity than their steadfast refusal to seal the border. Ordinary people see this and know they’re being lied to.