The only thing that surprises me is the mystery of socialism’s enduring appeal.

Here we are in 2017 and the Democratic Party is contemplating moving to the left while selling the same snake oil that hucksters in Europe have been peddling for one hundred years. Socialism has failed everywhere, and socialist economics have nearly always produced widespread starvation, present-day Venezuela being a perfect example as Venezuelans were recently advised to eat their pet rabbits. Cuba, Cambodia, the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe until 1989 — you name the place, socialism has failed.

Yet the Brits, who have never had it so good, are close to electing an arch-socialist to power, and in the United States supporters of Hillary Clinton are being pushed aside by supporters of the dreadful Bernie Sanders, a snake-oil salesman if there ever was one. Is historical ignorance the reason? No one could be that stupid. I think it’s the influence of the media, which has painted everything that is good about this country suspect, and of course of Hollywood and TV. When was the last time you watched a show with a priest who didn’t abuse children on it?

What we need is for schools to teach elementary history, like the hundreds of millions who died under such socialist leaders as Stalin and Mao. Instead our children and grandchildren are taught about the evils of the great Robert E. Lee and Christopher Columbus.