The sad reality is, most black Americans are not interested in coming together to heal ongoing race issues. They would rather hate and take from “the oppressor” (white folks).

When black liberals say they want to have a “conversation” about race, what they really mean is they want to continue blaming whitey for past racism and perceived “white privilege.”

Attorney General Eric Holder insulted Americans, calling us “a nation of cowards” when it comes to race. He was trying to goad us into a “conversation.” Obama and other leftists are always talking about “conversations” and “teachable moments,” but their idea of a conversation is a lecture. They want a “conversation” that ends with them getting their way and their “enemies” frustrated.

A key tactic of black racists is to squelch white people’s conversation, thereby creating frustration and anger in whites. Then they point out how racist whites still are (just as in the days of slavery and Jim Crow) as a pretext to further control them and take more of their stuff.

Starbucks wants to encourage more discussions on race — great! Let’s really have those conversations! We can start by discussing how angry blacks have set race relations back 150 years!

White Americans have examined themselves and, for the most part, they have dropped the racism in their hearts and have overcome. They’ve moved beyond judging people based on color and are gauging character instead.

But we’ve never questioned black racism and held a mirror up for blacks to see themselves. Most blacks today have become what they hate and are racist toward whites. There’s no way around that fact.

Instances of whites attacking blacks are so rare that blacks have to manufacture them. But black-on-white violence is commonplace, though well-hidden by the media and black “leaders.”