We’re supposed to believe that because blacks and Hispanics and everybody else are here, we suddenly became privileged. […]

In fact, the country is a lot poorer because of high rates of black and Hispanic poverty, criminality, legitimacy, [and] disease, but their being here is supposed to mean privilege for us? Who can believe this rubbish?

If the whole system is viciously rigged to benefit white people, it sure isn’t working. Look at all these non-white Americans who earn more money than whites: Indians, Taiwanese, Filipinos, Iranians, Lebanese, [and] Indonesians. Whatever happened to white privilege? Lefty professors can howl all they want, but there is absolutely no way that the typical white American is propping up white supremacy. He wouldn’t even know how to begin to do something like that. The very idea of bullying white janitors and bus drivers about white supremacy white privilege isn’t just absurd, it’s depraved.

The left loves to tell you that if you disagree about something you believe in a conspiracy theory. Well, white privilege is one of the biggest, wildest conspiracy theories of all. You can’t prove it; you can’t test it scientifically. And you know what they say if you tell them it’s baloney? That you are suffering from white fragility; that you are unable to see just how good you’ve got it. And think about this: It’s not just white people who hear all this talk about white privilege. Black people hear it too. What are they supposed to think when they hear that we’ve been holding him down ever since the day they were born?