How can they bring it off, especially when there are so few of them? How can they manipulate the vast majority into accepting socialism when they really don’t want it? The pressure from below, then, involves using their influence over the various mass membership organizations of the country to create the appearance of great popular support for these recommendations. Of course, the members of those organizations must never suspect that they’re being used to promote the Communist program.

Now the silent majority the average person with no particular axe to grind is caught right in the middle. He looks above and sees highly respected spokesman for government calling for socialist legislation. He looks below and sees mobs of demonstrators shouting for the same thing. He says to himself has everyone gone crazy or is it me? Now, he’s still in the majority of course but he doesn’t know it. He thinks he’s helplessly outnumbered and he bows to what he thinks is the Democratic will of the majority. All that remains then, is for the duly elected legislators to place their own careers and political expediency above the best interests of the nation to yield to this political pressure and pass the legislation into law. Then the whole process starts all over again with new recommendations from above, new demands from below, and finally new capitulation in the halls of Congress.

In this way the nation can move to the left in giant strides until the ultimate goal of Communism itself is reached entirely legally through the Constitutional process and in the name of the nation.