When they’re out of power they’re just funny

Being a Democrat means you don’t need a conscience or a moral compass. You cater to the ignorant, the lazy, and the morally reprehensible. You blatantly lie to them. Most of them know it and they don’t care. They are motivated by greed, ignorance, and hate. You stand for nothing except enriching yourself at the expense of the law-abiding people of this country who work and pay the taxes you buy votes with.
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It happens every year

This is MLK’s birthday, a national holiday. It is also the day when the Democrats’ blatant hypocrisy is raised to a new level. They use King’s memory to suck up to the useful idiots who are unaware they’re being sold a complete bill of goods. Every other day of the year they stand four-square against everything he stood for. Were he still alive he’d be treated like Justice Thomas, Senator Tim Scott, and every other black who has left the plantation.
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